Metaphors gone wild, captains, ships, pirates, mermaids, witches, and MORE!

April 2020

Plus, a new graphic novel recommendation!
Plus, a companion book to the award-winning GEORGE comes out today!
Plus, two adorable new picture books coming next week...
Getting out of your own head and putting words on the page. Also: yum-yums, and some spooky stuff!

March 2020

Plus plenty of pretty picture books for your perusal!
Plus some good news for artists, a heartfelt plea, and a political book that won't make you cringe!
Plus resources for the quarantined, and a virtual trip for the tastebuds!
Our guest statistician strikes again! Sorry, yes, there's math in this answer.
Internships, job advice, types of jobs, oh and ALSO a very funny pig!

February 2020

Plus Podcasts, Pythons, and so much more!
Plus, a new way to buy books online, a time-traveling golden retriever, and more!